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How we determine raid spots

-Class Balance. Even with the flexibility WotLK gave us for determining raid spots based off class balance, there are still several encounters where it's smarter to bring in a specific class over all others. This is an important guideline we follow for picking our raid spots. Chances are if a specific class is recommended for an encounter we will bring that class in over others for the sake of the raids success.

-Rank. Although in most cases not as important as Class Balance is still a huge part of how we distribute raid slots. For progression fights the raid will consist of as many Raider ranks as possible. Players who have worked to earn the Raider title deserve first pick at raid spots at the Officers discretion. You can almost guarantee while progressing through a new instance we will still farm slightly older content to keep gearing up our Member and Recruits. Spots for these raids will be determined by Class Balance>Rank> Loot, at the Officers discretion.

-If for some reason you are not playing up to your full potential or are not getting your job done in the raid we will sub you out for another who can. This is nothing personal but we are a raiding guild and will do what is necessary for the sake of progression. If you are subbed out for this reason take a look at what the issue was and get it fixed. We need people to perform to the best of their ability at all times inside the raid and will accept nothing else.

To succeed in end game content we need to have the best possible players for the raid. If you get sat out it is more than likely for one of the reasons above and we will do our best to tell you in advance when and why you are being subbed out. If you are subbed out you need to be ready to come back in fairly quickly if we need you, either sitting outside the instance or being at close call. If you are unhappy with the Officers decision to sit you, you may bring the issue up outside of raid. Tolerance for drama because of this will be low and logging off in a fit will result in consequences.

Raid Rules

Vent. Ventrilo during boss fights is for announcements, calling people out, and/or any specific raid adjustment. In most cases these are done by Officers or people with responsibilities during that specific encounter. There are plenty of times on vent where random shenanigans, and BSing are allowed but during boss encounters isn't one of them. Violation of this rule will result in being Globally Muted.

Effort. When in our raids you are to give 150% of your attention and playing ability in every boss fight. There is absolutely no excuse for taking more time then needed to clear an instance. Give us your devotion every raid or risk being replaced by someone who will. No one is exempt from this rule.

Consumables. This is not a recommendation, it's a requirement. Showing up to raid without the proper consumables tell us that you are not ready to raid. There is no argument, don't do it.

Spec. You are here to fullfil the roll we recruited you for. Whether it be a Tank, DPS, or a healer. Showing up to raid with an off the wall spec will result in your losing your raid spot or worse if we have to hold up the raid for you to respec. Multispecs are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Determination. We are a progression based raid guild. After we've completed one goal we set our focus on another. As a Raider in Abyss you should welcome new challenges regardless of difficulty. As a Raider in this guild you should understand that every boss is broken down in phases and it can take hours/days to master a phase on difficult encounters. The only thing that should ever stand in our way of downing a new boss is gear. We refuse to believe that lack of skill is ever the problem.

Getting Called Out in Raid

The best way we feel to continue to improve on specific encounters is to accurately define each problem and tell the person making them what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. This is never done in spite or for any other reason than the betterment of the raid. We do not play favorites in this guild nor is anyone safe to make mistakes without being "called out". If you are constantly making the same mistake do not expect to hear silence from the people those mistakes effect. You will be called out and you will be expecting to make the adjustments required to keep them from happening again. Understand we are not here to hurt your feelings or teach you how to play the game. Anyone can be called out for several reasons. Stay focused and follow all of the rules listed above and chances are you wont need to worry about being called out.

If you are called out it should always be 100% Constructive Criticism and is said to benefit you. You should never take anything personally even if it is said out of frustration.
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